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BTB Barbell Club | 

Training Levels & Options | 
Beginner - Novice
Cost | $419.00/month 
Sessions | Up to 6 per week 
Age | 15+
All NEW BTB Athlete/Lifters start at the Beginner - Novice training level with the opportunity to advance to Intermediate-Advanced after a minimum of 4 weeks of training. 
Intermediate - Advanced 
Cost | $319.00/month 
Sessions | Up to 6 per week 
Age | 15+
$55.00 competition/meet day fee per meet will be added for any lifter planning to compete within the given year. 
Training level determines the amount of direct supervision an athlete/lifter will receive from the coach. Beginner-Novice lifters will require more direct supervision prior to advancing to the next training level. 
Barbell Club is ran in a group coached, open gym format. It is designed to give athlete/lifters the flexibility to train at their best, at a time that is most convenient for them. With 90 minute blocks, athlete/lifters can execute their program along side other BTB athlete/lifters (4 max) and the guidance of a coach. 

All programs are individualized and designed to support the athlete/lifters goals, whether that is to compete in Powerlifting, compete in other field based sports, or improve overall strength and conditioning. They are based on the athlete/lifters readiness, strengths, and limitations (if any) and current training commitment. 

What To Expect:

Sessions are 90 minutes in length, however participants will be asked to warm up 15 minutes early and will have the opportunity to stay after to ensure completion of their scheduled lift. 

Athlete/Lifters will be surrounded by a community that encourages progress, drive, and success. This includes fellow participants and coaches. 

There is a max of 4 athlete/lifters per session. Athlete/Lifters are expected to share racks and lift together while executing their own program provided by BTB. Each athlete/lifter will receive coaching throughout the session to aid in technique cues, daily program adjustments, and the flow of the lift to ensure each session is effective and efficient. 

A Note From The Coach


"Each session and training cycle is designed with a big picture in mind.  We want to build a relationship built on trust and transparency  in order to help you become successful inside and outside of the weight room. We want to build integrity in your movement and confidence in yourself while aiming to continually progress throughout the lifting/training process. Lifting is a skill, it is a marathon and not a sprint. It requires healthy recovery habits, commitment and consistency. There is no sugar coating it. It's hard work, but the progress is worth every bit of the process. We will give you the tools to be successful, you have to choose whether you use them or not. " - Coach Morgan 

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