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  • Morgan Shetler Christensen, MS CSCS

Career Highlights –

  • 2010 – Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine

  • 2011 – B.S. Human and Health Performance, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 

  • 2012 –Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, The University of District of Columbia

  • 2012 – Intern, Strength and Conditioning, George Washington Colonials 

  • 2014 – M.S. Exercise Science – Strength and Conditioning, George Washington University 

  • 2016/2017 – Beyond The Barbell (Formerly, Raising The Bar Performance) was born! 

  • 201 8 - Joined George Mason University as an Adjunct Professor

  • 2018 - Certified USA Powerlifting Club Coach

  • 2020 - NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

  • 2020 - USAPL State Referee 

 Powerlifting Career | Total: 322.5 Kg (709.5 # at 125.6 BW) 

Squat | 125 kg, Bench Press | 70 Kg, Deadlift | 127.5 Kg

100% RAW - American Challenge, Zion Crossroads, VA

100% RAW - Mid Atlantic Regional, Zion Crossroads, VA

100% RAW - WORLDS, Erie PA

USAPL, Exile Open, Rosendale, MD

USAPL, Winter Wrecker, Manassas, VA

USAPL Mid-Atlantic Regionals , Reading, PA

As a student-athlete myself I was fortunate to have teachers (even in high school) who taught me proper techniques for lifting weights that minimized injury and maximized results. And as a coach at both the High School and Collegiate level, I have trained athletes with best practices in techniques for both Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting and Conditioning. As a competitive athlete or a recreational lifter, I believe we all have an athletic character hiding inside.


Through barbell based training strategies, I truly enjoy bringing out that character and helping others feel empowered by their accomplishments. The sport of strength has more to offer than just getting strong, building muscle or even speed.  It builds confidence, character, and increases the quality of our lives.  For anyone who believes in the benefits of playing or engaging in sport, there should be a recognition that powerlifting is a sport too, and can have an enormous impact on improvement in all of your physical activities.  Whether you choose to compete or just want improve your personal best,  BTB's goal is to ensure that you don't miss out!



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