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Beyond The Barbell Mission:  

To invest in our athletes success Beyond The Barbell, inside and outside of the weight room.  To educate athletes on how to expand their tool box and optimize their training through the sport of strength and barbell based training strategies. To provide support while developing a strong community with all BTB athletes.


Community: Our community is our structure. It holds us up, it helps us grow, it is our power team. We appreciate our community and continuously find ways to give back. 

Passion: Our staff and business is built on passion for the development of your athletic character. We strive to grow individually and professionally to optimize your results through our shared passion.  

Experience: Through community, culture, passion, and educated staff, we provide you with the best experience. We help you grow academically while optimizing your strength and potential, leaving no room to 2nd guess your choice in joining BTB. 


At BTB, we promise to be honest and realistic with the expectations of our athletes and their short-term/long-term goals. We help RTBP athletes balance life in conjunction with their weight room objectives and accomplishments to ensure continued and safe progress.



Ages 7-14 |


Individualized programming


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