Virtual Coaching for Powerlifters

Designed for all lifters, all levels who can't commit to a coaches schedule but want to build their total on the platform. 

How It Works | 

  • Initial consult via video or in person

  • Followed by 3-5 days for the your coach to develop your program. 

  • Program development is based on assessment results, goals, and training environment available to you. Athlete/Lifters must have at least a barbell, plates, and kettlebells/dumbbells to start a BTB program. 

  • Daily and weekly video sharing for coaching feedback and technique improvements through the TrueCoach software. 

  • Live tracking of results via TrueCoach & The Google Drive.  

  • Meet day guidance and handling (additional fees applied for meet day coaching, $55.00 for local meets, $110.00 for non-local meets, regional/national meets at the discretion of the coach). 

  • Nutritional recommendations as needed (no nutrition plans will be provided, check out M2N for an individualized nutrition coaching) 

 Pricing & Details |  

Online Coaching - $145.00/month

  • Up to 6 programmed sessions/week

  • Monthly payment plan

  • Required 2 week cancellation notice. 

  • Unlimited communication with your coach via TrueCoach 

  • Scheduled weekly check ins & video sharing.  

What to Expect | 

  • 90-120 minute training sessions

  • A minimum of 3 training sessions/week and a max of 6. 

  • A program that is individualized to you based on your needs, goals, and current training readiness. 

  • A coach who is invested and will have your best interest in mind at all times. 

  • To work hard and be held accountable. 

  • To be empowered through strength inside and outside of the weight room. 

  • Unlimited communication with your coach, during normal business hours. 

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