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Pursuit of Happiness


This week is the start of a new journey – a risky decision, a challenge, and even more so a pursuit of happiness. Approximately one month ago from today, I made a decision. In order to make the decision, I had to ask myself; What inspires me? What drives me to be a better person? What will allow me the freedom to fulfill my passions? The answer, coaching others to do the same!

As of June 5th, 2017 – I will be working as a full time, self employed – Performance Coach and Personal Trainer. After three years as a youth sports and fitness coach/director and personal trainer (on the side), I am making the jump to do what I set out to do in 2012 – help athletes and clients develop to their fullest potential.

This is the start of Raising The Bar Performance – where I will hold each athlete/client accountable to their goals, help them develop a mindset that allows them to give 100% in and out of the weight room, and show them that their potential is beyond what they once thought.

This is also the start of my competitive career in PowerLifting. In 3 days, I will step on the platform for the first time and aim to go 9 for 9. My current PR’s stand as follows: Squat – 235 (107 KG), Bench Press – 145 (67 KG), and Deadlift – 245 (111 KG). I’ve spent 16 weeks preparing for this day and know that going in, I’ve given 100%.

And lastly, but most importantly, this is the start of a very exciting chapter!

As a coach I promise to:

  1. Set each athlete/client up to succeed through realistic and appropriate goal setting.

  2. Be honest and up front with each athlete/clients potential.

  3. Provide proven knowledge and resources that will aid in each athlete/clients ability to succeed.

Let the journey begin and as always thanks for reading!

-Morgan Shetler

If you are looking for an online training and coaching program that is created and tailored just for you, email me today at In Person Sessions are also available – get more details here —> Coaching & Training Services.

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